Looking for new gig

I’m not an expert at looking for a new job but I’ve picked up a few tips recently that I will share.

Most of my life I have found things are fairly simple for me to learn and excel at if they are interesting to me. Finding a job hasn’t always been one of them.

I’m confident in my skills and abilities. I can show confidence in an interview. I’ve learned to talk and relate to just about anyone.

So why have I been looking for a job for 6+ months?

Age? Likely.

If it’s age I can’t do much about that, per se.

Here’s what I’ve learned this job hunt:

  • Never give your salary history
  • Ask for their compensation range for the role
  • Take old job history off your resume and LinkedIn page
  • Don’t put dates on an online application like the year you graduated college
  • They may ask you to take online tests (similar to IQ test) – not a fan
  • Don’t compromise

Good sites:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Dice

Recruiters who want my resume before telling me about the position they have, do not get it.

Recruiters who won’t share the company name, job description or a salary range up front aren’t worth spending your time on.

I’ve never done this but never negatively speak about your former employer even if they are dirty rat bastards.

When I’m reading job postings and researching companies, I’m keeping a couple of other people in mind and sharing what I find with them. They didn’t ask I’m just doing it. Even when you ask your friends to do the same for you don’t expect that they will. People are busy and the most important thing in their day is not your job search.

I’m out of unemployment benefits so I just launched a new venture that makes me happy where I can earn some money. Stylist for Stella & Dot.

I’m excited to do something creative and fun while continuing my job search!

2 thoughts on “Looking for new gig

    1. Hi Angela! Thanks!

      Stella & Dot is a direct sales company in fashion, jewelry, bags and accessories. Founded by Jessica Here in it has been around for many years.
      Independent stylists, like myself, sell products via their website. They take care of the packaging, shipping, credit card transactions.
      Beautiful pieces. I’ve been a customer for a couple of years and recently decided to take the plunge. Take at look at my site and let me know if I answered your question.



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