Love learning

At about age eight I started attending a private school in Seattle, Evergreen School for Gifted Children. You need an IQ of 125 for admission, mine is 143. It was there where I learned to think. It opened up a love for reading and writing (I’ll share some poetry another day). We chose to read a book a week. We made our own learning plans for the week, which meant how much math, reading and other things we’d agree to accomplish. There was also French class. In science class we made our own pinhole cameras and developed the film ourselves. We made solar cookers and built geodesic domes. Two of the domes we built were auctioned off at the Poncho auction.

During our time learning about archeology I thought that may be a career choice (later this changed to being an interior designer). We had our own project dig in the yard and we dug and documented our dig finds. The final “test” was a shoebox we did our own dig and documentation. I won an arrowhead which I still have.

Learning was fun and exciting. Reading now competes for time with my love of movies. But I still take time to write poetry, mostly for me. And I’m still curious and learning.

One thought on “Love learning

  1. I missed the gifted school opportunity, due to lack of transportation, sounds wonderful. My mom felt bad about it, but she worked three jobs….in fact, we moved to a house that was 2 blocks from an elementary school and 3 blocks from a high school. I ended up getting a scholarship for a private high school that offered bus transportation. For me, socially, it is not easy “being smart”, I have frequently wished that I wasn’t…..thinking that I might be less judgmental and enjoy life more. Always a work in progress……..

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