What to do?

Still a lot of exposition here as you get to know me….

I graduated from high school when I was 16 due to accelerated learning at Evergreen (see previous post).

I didn’t want to go straight to college, I wanted to have fun and get started on life.

I met a guy (as we do) and thought I was in love. A few years later married said guy. Not a nice guy as it turns out. We were married ten years but it should have ended at five. I’m stubborn.

Now what. I had a good job that allowed me to travel some for work. I would extend those business trips to visit other places. I went a lot places by myself to visit friends or just relax. I worked hard and tried to play hard.

I tend to be intense about whatever I do. Work is important to me and I never short change my employers. They get most of my energy and then some.

Currently I am not employed having been unceremoniously laid off without notice. Oh, and just one week after my sister died, barely back from taking two days of beteavement time. Thud. Now what. I’m getting a little older and discovering companies would rather hire 35 year olds.

I’m determined to find the right fit so I can be successful and thrive. It does seem daunting some days. I’ve never been unemployed this long nor interviewed this many times without getting an offer.

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