First Man & Mary Queen of Scots

Two new good movies to put on your watch lists.

First Man

A bit cerebral but this is a great insight into the astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon and his life leading up to that historic event.

Ryan Gosling plays Armstrong and frankly I can be hot and cold regarding his movies.  However, in First Man he is very subdued and internal but it all plays on his face.

Worth the watch.

Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

Of course, a period piece that focuses on Mary Stewart after returning from France when her husband dies.  Played by Saoirse Ronan who makes for a powerful Mary Stewart.  (Side note, watch Atonement when Saoirse was about 12, she will blow you away).

Opposite Saoirse is Margot Robbie who plays Elizabeth I.  They really only have one big scene together but these two powerful young actresses will have you in awe if you appreciate legendary acting.

The reign of Elizabeth I is so interesting historically and looking at it from this angle, actually from Mary Stewart’s point of view, gave me some great insights.

If you ever want to do some reading on how Mary Stewart was brought down by her betrayals of Elizabeth, read up on Francis Walsingham.  Espionage, deception, intrigue, he was a master of manipulation.


8 thoughts on “First Man & Mary Queen of Scots

  1. I have never been a fan of the space program, so I will pass on First Man. It makes me angry that so much money was spent on this ego trip, when it could have been used to help, feed, heal, clothe etc. so many children. I just checked and the total cost was 196 billion, average cost, as of 2011, to launch a Space Shuttle was about 450 million. That’s obscene.

    I love period pieces, so I will make a note of Mary Queen of Scots. The Crown on Netflix and Victoria on PBS are excellent.

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