20190210_123903I’m a cat lover and my cat Bandit has been with me about 12 years now. He’s a great cat, very vocal and super sweet. I found him living out back of my place the summer of 2007. Started feeding him but it took awhile to coax him inside. In fact, the first time I picked him up and brought him inside he quickly ran right off my deck after putting him down.

I had been posting my other cat’s pictures on a website for many months when Bandit arrived. (Smokey, gone too soon due to flea medication toxicity – FU Sargeants). Anyway, some great people were there and the regulars got to know each other thru our cats.

Antonio M., the creator of the website, wasn’t on Facebook. I decided to create a Group where the website fans could actually have conversations. I asked Antonio for help linking his site to the FB group and we were good.  Fast forward ten years, I’m still administering, moderating, approving requests to join and posting to the Group. Antonio M. is also an Admin. of the Group as backup he lives in Switzerland. In addition, Marilyn M. who lives in Florida.

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