I bought all my ingredients for soup this morning at the local PCC. Alas, I think I may have started it too late to eat today. I was going to make it in the Instant Pot but then decided stovetop. The IP doesn’t allow you to smell your creation while it’s cooking and that is what I wanted today. I only soaked the beans for two hours so we’ll see how long it takes to be edible. *UPDATE: It turned out great and finished soup pictured.

White beans soaking, I’m cutting up the veggies for the holy trinity of soup starters, the mirepoix, and thought. who thought this up? I always do the mirepoix. Just curious but not enough to spend the energy to look it up at the moment.

I’m also trying a little cheat and will not be using ham. I decided to buy cubed turkey and bacon bits from the salad bar for this white bean soup version.

No recipe, just winging it like most of my cooking. If it turns out decent and you twist my arm I might be able to share a version.

I’ve been eating way too much pasta of late. Another quick and easy favorite I cook is just sauteing garlic in olive oil and tossing that with linguine noodles. Topped with grated parmesan cheese. Since my jeans are protesting I thought I’d better make soup.

4 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. Yum…..sounds good with the turkey instead of ham…hold the bacon bits. My mom started so many meals with the mirepoix and didn’t even know it was “a thing”😗 Can I twist your arm for at least which seasonings you used? Bet it smelled wonderful. And like most soups, it will probably even taste better heated up. We have 80 degree temps coming up…and you made me want soup‼️‼️

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    1. Sure. Limited seasonings used. Sea salt, pepper, thyme. Base stock I used was vegetable. 1 clove garlic.

      The bacon “bits” at PCC are not like those dried yucky things. They are actually good-sized pieces of diced bacon. With the turkey and bacon together, probably 4 ounces of meat so not much at all. I think I used 3-4 cups or so of beans.

      White beans used are the cannellini but you could use any.


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