Style it Lovely

I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista but I’ve always loved clothes and jewelry. I feel they are an expression of art and personality. Your style is unique to you and fashion is that outward expression.

For me the first thing I look for in clothes is comfort. I’ve never worn 3-inch heels if I can avoid it. Restrictive clothing, big nope. Plus there’s always budget to consider. When I was married I often cheated on the budget thing. I’d buy something and hang it in the closet for a couple of weeks before wearing. When I would wear it the first time he would comment, is that new? I would always respond with, no I’ve had this. (Don’t judge).

Now I’m doing this stylist side gig and having a lot of fun. Having had serious thoughts of being an interior decorator, this is a close second.


Invest most of your budget on your classic/basic pieces and basic color palette. Seasonally, add more trendy pieces of clothing and jewelry a few pieces at a time that work with your classic/basic palette.

Do you need to wear business casual or better to work? Invest in pieces you can casual down for weekends too. For example, you may have a great sleeveless top you can wear under a cardigan or jacket with a scarf at work but alone with jeans or shorts on the weekend.

If you’re buying patterned clothes, the best way to check the quality is if the patterns align at the seams. If they don’t it’s a sign of really poor workmanship.

A good bag/purse is your friend. I’m not hard on clothes or purses so I’m willing to spend more on a well-made bag that will last for years.


Jewelry, clothing, bags and accessories. Great fun putting looks together for people. Some people don’t like to shop. I’ve never been one of those people. My customers can go online and shop with no help from me; they can ask for ideas from me or I can sit down with them in person with samples if they are local.

Really excited about this venture! If you’d like more information comment or use the form on the Contact tab.

Style it Lovely

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