Let’s face it, it is not just just coffee, its the most important meal of the day!

This isn’t going to be the quintessential list of local Seattle coffee bars. Instead this is my list of coffee shops I go to in my surrounding area.  They all have great coffee and other reasons they are appealing. My coffee of choice is a cappuccino, bone dry. All that means is there is espresso shots and dry foam, no milk.

I do need to do a special shout out to Espresso to Go (ETG) as I first started going there in the mid-80’s on my way to work. A little hole-in-the wall place doing coffee and baked goods. You had to come back around 10:00am if you wanted a fresh cinnamon roll out of the oven but it was worth the return visit and of course, another coffee.

In no particular order:

The Den
Caffe Ladro

Lake Forest Park
Honey Bear Bakery

Caffe Ladro

The French Bakery

Mercury’s Coffee
Peet’s Coffee

Mercury’s Coffee

Fremont and Wallingford
Espresso to Go
Caffe Appassionato

If you’re looking for a Starbucks you’ll never find it on my lists.

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