The Last Station and The Emperor’s Club

Two films from director Michael Hoffman.

The Last Station

Based on the novel by Jay Parini, Hoffman brilliantly takes the story of the last year of Leo Tolstoy’s life and manages to make it heart warming and funny.

To sum up the movie,

Living with the difficulty of love or the possibility of living without it.

The journey of the story based mostly of diaries of the time, are expertly portrayed by Christopher Plummer as Tolstoy and Helen Mirren as his wife, Sophia. An awesome supporting cast including Paul Giamatti, Anne-Marie Duff, Kerry Condon and James McAvoy.

I first watched this years ago because of course, it had McAvoy in it. It is endearing, funny and poignant with McAvoy’s character as our point of view and heart of the movie.

The Emperor’s Club

Another older independent film with Kevin Kline as the main character.

Kline is the teacher who takes us on this journey in a prep, all-boys school. Amongst the boys are a plethora of now well-known actors who were just starting their careers. Emile Hirsch makes his film debut.

A great movie about inspiration and integrity and what life can be like with or without these attributes.

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