Bandit was with me for 12 years but died on 8/5/2019.I found him living behind my place just relaxing in the sun on the sidewalk. I kept seeing him there for several days but when I approached he would run into the blackberry bushes.I started to put out food and water for him. Pretty soon he let me pick him up. One day I brought him into the house but as soon as I put him down he ran right out the door to the deck and didn’t stop. Jumped right off!My next attempt I kept the door closed. He was OK with being inside but wasn’t sure about my cat Smokey. They soon tolerated each other.I named him Bandit for his tuxedo look and also for the Smokey and the Bandit movie.There are so many memories. He was gone for three days once and came home soaked through his long fur like he’d been wading through a swamp. Another time he was gone for a week and a half and when he came home he never wanted to go outside again. That was fine by me.He was a hunter, a talker and a beautiful boy. Twelve years is a long time. I’ll miss him running from the other room as soon as I lay on the couch so he could be on my chest. He wasn’t a lap sitter but this was his preferred spot.He was such a good cat. My good boy I miss you so much.

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