Won’t Fade Away

You can’t force writing. At least I can’t.

I have been looking for a job since being laid off a year ago. I just have not found the right fit. But that means I am still looking at job postings every day. I research companies, do interviews and wait. I’ve really taken a career sabbatical.

Asking for help from people is hard. Even harder when they don’t help.

I started blogging to do something creative and constructive. There are days when the words come easy but there are more when there is too much feeling behind the words to put them out there.

I watch movies and lose myself in the stories. There’s no extra money to really do anything. Other people are working so I spend most days in solitude. I don’t mind solitude but I’ve had enough now.

For those that follow my blog I will continue to write but sometimes it will be messy, like life. No one ever said it would be easy.

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