Creative Juice

Staying creative can be a challenge periodically. Most times it appears fluidly.

It’s not like you can run to the store to buy those creative juices…check that, after all there’s Hemingway, Parker, Fitzgerald and Poe to name a few.

There are times I may write every day. Then there seems like there is nothing in life to provide inspiration. It can be jazz or rock & roll.

I don’t let it worry me. My writing is mostly for me and thank goodness I don’t make a living at it. There is no pressure for me to create. No deadlines to adhere to. No editors waiting for pages.

I’ve had writing classes in the past but honestly they never offered much to help me in my process.

I like to leave the symbolism up to the reader. I look at my poems and you take away many different points of view. I like that in the way I write.

I’ve helped other writers edit their books after each chapter. I’d rather wait for it to be complete first but every creative person runs their show differently.

I’d like to see comments on this on how you ate and remain creative. Please share!

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