Coffee Basics

If you’re a newbie coffee drinker and you find yourself in the Emerald City, Seattle. Please don’t be scared, I can walk you through the basics of ordering.

First, the barista (person who makes your delicious coffee drink) will ask you what you’d like to order. (Or they just may look at you blankly and say nothing as they’ve been up since 4am).


espresso shots and steamed milk.

You also need to tell them how many shots and the size of your drink. Typically 12 oz., 16 oz., and 20 oz. are your size choices. Most drinks come with 2 shots but you can add more.


espresso shots and milk foam.

Here’s the tricky part. They should ask you wet or dry? Stay calm. If you like more milk, say wet. If you like more foam, say dry. (You may need to take 3×5 note cards with you that have notes).


espresso shots and hot water

Barista will say something like, “you want room?”. That means do you want room left in the cup to add cream.


I’ll do a version of these another post. This here gives you the basics so you can walk into any coffee shop with courage.


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