Watching Birds

It snowed last night. Not a lot, maybe four inches. The birds know the snow is coming long before it arrives. It seems to throw them into a small tizzy not unlike us humans running to the grocery store for supplies.

I mostly feed the birds during the winter months. I was out of birdseed so I’ve given them some torn up seeded bread.

The large birds like the Jays are greedy. Grabbing as much as they can in their beaks and flying right away. The medium-sized birds like the Starlings, sit and eat their fill. The small birds like the Swallows come, get a bit and leave. They won’t come when the large birds are here. They patiently queue up and fly in and out quickly with the other small birds.

It’s a joy to watch them from inside. It’s the best thing about a snow day.

One thought on “Watching Birds

  1. We started feeding hummingbirds a few months ago, can’t believe how much pleasure it has brought to our lives. We are going go hang a second feeder, the more Hummers, the better.

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