Beyond a Crappy Virus

Not making light of this. I live in Washington state in the U.S. where we have been “ground zero”.

My work is just two miles from the senior living center that has had many casualties due to COVID-19 virus.

I’m not hoarding toilet paper. I’m washing my hands a lot. Distancing.

I’d like to believe my neighbors are better than hoarding, but seems a lot are not. Grocery clerks are on the front lines still doing their jobs. They can’t work from home.

A temporary disruption to life as we know it. That’s what I want to keep thinking. God’s got this. Worry won’t help.

I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. Taking precautions but not get in panic mode. Writing helps a bit. Reading every new article on the subject in the news, has not.

Enjoy the day. Laughter helps. Smile at people, it does wonders for both of you.

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