Won’t Fade Away

You can’t force writing. At least I can’t. I have been looking for a job since being laid off a year ago. I just have not found the right fit. But that means I am still looking at job postings every day. I research companies, do interviews and wait. I’ve really taken a career sabbatical. […]

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Tax day

April 15th is tax day here in the states. The deadline for filing your taxes for the previous year. I’ve read there have been a lot of people getting less on their returns that have already filed. This apparently is due to the tac code changes implemented by government. I just found out today that […]

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Looking for new gig

I’m not an expert at looking for a new job but I’ve picked up a few tips recently that I will share. Most of my life I have found things are fairly simple for me to learn and excel at if they are interesting to me. Finding a job hasn’t always been one of them. […]

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