The Current War

Late 1800’s electrical war between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon, respectively. I enjoyed this but I thought with such a great cast it could have been better. It does give you a perspective of perceived history not typically shown. Also, enter Tesla into the story, a visionary with […]

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The Professor and the Madman

2019 film starring Mel Gibson and Sean Penn. Professor Murray played by Gibson, starts to compile the first edition of the Oxford English dictionary. Set in the mid 19th century, Murray solicits entries from all over English-speaking countries. He receives more than 10,000 entries from Dr. William Minor, a patient at a criminal insane asylum, […]

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The Aftermath

The Aftermath explores a time in history I was not aware of. Hamburg, Germany post WWII had an occupation of British military and families. Keira Knightley is the wife reunited with her military living in Hamburg. They take the home of a Hamburg architect and his daughter. Instead of making them move out to a […]

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