Be Charming

Charms bracelets and necklaces help tell your story. They keep your memories of joys and sorrows. I always wanted a charm bracelet when I was a kid but never got one. Sad, I know. For me I wanted one as much as go-go boots. Never got those either. They can be whimsical, stunning, traditional and […]

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Fall Fashions Already?

Fashion and jewelry are always ahead of the game. Designs and colors are created/chosen at least a year in advance of launches. It’s amazing that when items hit the stores (or Internet) that you may not be thinking about the next season. Buying early in the launch season ensures you’ll get the pieces you really […]

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Layering! Stay on point by layering your pieces. Layer your bracelets too by mixing colors, textures, sizes and metals. If you need help with styling and designing a look, just reach out by commenting or use the Contact form.

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Spring and Summer Looks

If you’re looking for fresh new pieces to pump up your looks for the season we have them. Inspired by tropical settings and botanicals, the season’s best have arrived. Paired with trending neutrals like our blush side knot sleeveless top, there are brilliant colors, textured botanicals and vibrant jewelry. Some stand outs for me are […]

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Style it Lovely

I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista but I’ve always loved clothes and jewelry. I feel they are an expression of art and personality. Your style is unique to you and fashion is that outward expression. For me the first thing I look for in clothes is comfort. I’ve never worn 3-inch heels if I can […]

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