It’s the Little Things

I have to say that today is one of the best days I’ve had in weeks. I went grocery shopping this morning and one of my favorite cashiers was back to work after testing positive for COVID-19.  MILD case but still I saw her and felt good and had hope. Coming back from walking to […]

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The Peanut Butter Falcon

Loved this movie. It’s a great example of people with so-called disabilities shine with their abilities and heart. Jake has downs syndrome and escapes his living conditions on an adventure to find a wrestling school. Odd premise but it is so heart-warming to watch how he overcomes and finds friends along the way. Just watch […]

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I Know You’re There

Mixing it up with some of my older writing……this is from twenty years ago. Love appears in the distance, when I try to focus my eyes fail me As if it were merely a mirage Alone, I can feel you there As if just beyond the smokey horizon The air is heavy and deeply fills […]

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How Will You Know Me?

How will you know me, when you see me again? Will my smile still be there, can we still laugh at my jokes? Will our hearts be in full view so I can recognize you? Will you feel me from the inside in the form you now have? Will it be like finding only the […]

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Bandit was with me for 12 years but died on 8/5/2019.I found him living behind my place just relaxing in the sun on the sidewalk. I kept seeing him there for several days but when I approached he would run into the blackberry bushes.I started to put out food and water for him. Pretty soon […]

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