Juliet, Naked

This was a great little find. Basically a British comedic drama made in 2018. OK, so it has Ethan Hawke in it and I will watch just about any movie he’s in. I think Ethan prefers the theater stage but he still will act in movies. Ever since his role in The Dead Poets Society….big […]

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Renee Zellweiger just won an Academy Award for portraying Judy Garland in this film. Well deserved. Troubling at times to watch as this follows Judy Garland from her early days and the last few years of her life. I had no idea that as a very young woman, film makers were giving her amphetamines to […]

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A Laugh

A laugh is a song of the heart I see yours but I don’t hear it It’s written on your face but the song plays silently Oh to hear what that feels like In all its glory Mine can be heard for miles It bubbles up from my soul A song for all to hear […]

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This was a bit different as biopics go. More like a musical fantasy of Elton John’s life. Taron Edgerton plays John and does a great job of singing all the songs. He doesn’t sound exactly like John but that’s O.K. I like that they showed the collaboration between him and Bernie Taupin. I remember hearing […]

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Green Book

If you have yet to see the Oscar-winning movie Green Book, just do it. You might think, odd title for a movie but it refers to the black (negro) travel guide written by Victor Hugo Green. These were black-safe hotels, restaurants and stores that accepted black patrons in Jim Crow areas of the south. Mahershala […]

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