Heard This Week

I was having a conversation with someone this week, a customer at work.  During the conversation he said, “you remember it better than I do and you weren’t even there.” For some reason I found that really interesting and told him, what you just said sounds like the start of a book. Alas, I don’t […]

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It’s the Little Things

I have to say that today is one of the best days I’ve had in weeks. I went grocery shopping this morning and one of my favorite cashiers was back to work after testing positive for COVID-19.  MILD case but still I saw her and felt good and had hope. Coming back from walking to […]

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It’s been more than 40 years since I first saw this move at the drive-in theater.  Scared the crap out of me. But since being in isolation, I saw this for sale at the drug store for $4.99 so I picked it up. For the most part this movie holds up for a re-watch.  If […]

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How Will it Be

How will it be when we are on  the other side of this virus? I observe people now in the grocery store.  Less smiling, so much caution. I’m working from home, thankfully. So many customers are longing to speak and tell their stories right now.  They are isolated and need to talk. So how will […]

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Vicious Circle

I’m getting real tired of the isolating. I keep thinking I should write more, alas I’m lacking inspiration.  I don’t have an Algonquin Roundtable of punsters to banter with.  In the 1920’s literary folks in New York met for lunch.  First deemed the Vicious Circle, they came to be known as the Algonquin Roundtable meeting […]

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My Snow Globe

Whenever my life is a bit of a mess, I say, “my snow globe has been shook up.” To me it explains how I’m feeling. That’s how I’m feeling now in the midst of our COVI-19 pandemic. Nothing seems normal because it’s not. Working from home, thankfully.  Some have it much worse. The little things […]

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I’ve been distancing my entire life. Shy very young. More of a choice later. Unspoken thoughts. Don’t get too close. Safer for me over here. Physical distancing now forced upon me. Connections are awkward. Everyone sheltered away protecting themselves. Emotional protection shouldn’t make you heartless. The heart is all you have to share. While locked […]

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So you’re perfect?

Oh to be as perfect as you think you are I am not perfect and will never be I try to be the best I can be There are days I fail but I recognize that and keep trying Remember to find out what the other person is going through. You usually have no clue […]

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Watching Birds

It snowed last night. Not a lot, maybe four inches. The birds know the snow is coming long before it arrives. It seems to throw them into a small tizzy not unlike us humans running to the grocery store for supplies. I mostly feed the birds during the winter months. I was out of birdseed […]

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Happy New Year!

It has to be a better year than 2019! I’ve had so many challenges in 2019 I stopped counting. All I can do is keep trying to move forward. As I write that sentence I hear Yoda in my head saying, “do or do not, there is no try.” I’m somewhat in denial about my […]

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The new year is upon us and folks will begin starting their resolutions. I’ve never been a fan of resolutions. I’ve always felt that if you really wanted to make a change in your life that the turn of calendar wasn’t going to help. State your goals, yes. Have a focus, yes. Try something new, […]

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Follow Me

Like with a trail of cookies, He says follow me Seek me Have faith in me I am always here Listening Waiting Watching Loving I sought you out and you were chosen To be in my flock To find others Love them Show my grace Be a shepard Tend my sheep Until you’re here I […]

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A Laugh

A laugh is a song of the heart I see yours but I don’t hear it It’s written on your face but the song plays silently Oh to hear what that feels like In all its glory Mine can be heard for miles It bubbles up from my soul A song for all to hear […]

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Steps to Nowhere

They are here but fade into the distance Laconic in my presence and then silent Chills remain as I strain to hear But no, they have disappeared Once a sign of life, only to stop without notice Blind am I to the lost sound after all I’m only earthly bound I wait each day for […]

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Stop for the Red Ones

It’s an unneeded dance The dance of the lights I wait, I count to two Look both ways But still that one person didn’t stop for their red one It’s 6 a.m. and what are you thinking? We’re not alone in this world We are all going places But not if you don’t stop for […]

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How Will You Know Me?

How will you know me, when you see me again? Will my smile still be there, can we still laugh at my jokes? Will our hearts be in full view so I can recognize you? Will you feel me from the inside in the form you now have? Will it be like finding only the […]

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Autumn Haiku

OK, this was my first published haiku from November 1970. A school book, Autumn World, of haikus written by students at Evergreen School in Seattle. Noisy city streets Down by the waterfront October’s windy breeze ~Alora Groshong, 10/1970 Original art by Alora

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The leaves flutter and wave as if they are saying goodbye The sun glistens as the wind catches them They will be gone soon, the leaves Gone will be the the magical colors of reds, oranges and sun-kissed yellows Fall lights up its entrance for a calmer and more peaceful time of year The crisp […]

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How to Write?

Some of my best writing comes from phrases I hear. My brain goes to work on the thought and expands on it. Muse? I’m not sure about that but there could be. As I’m falling asleep I think of things but if I don’t get up and write it down by morning they ate gone. […]

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Won’t Fade Away

You can’t force writing. At least I can’t. I have been looking for a job since being laid off a year ago. I just have not found the right fit. But that means I am still looking at job postings every day. I research companies, do interviews and wait. I’ve really taken a career sabbatical. […]

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Eternal Now

There is only today Yesterday has dissolved into mist Tomorrow is not guaranteed We attempt to control time with clocks and calendars but it will not be contained It is only now. Ever. Memories remain and dance in your thoughts we cling to them like prized possessions Our hearts are full with what is no […]

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