Thanks for joining me on my blogging journey! I’m going to be sharing thoughts on daily life, food, cooking, cats, poetry, movies, fashion, staying creative among other topics.

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It Chapter 2

Okay, this not my favorite sort of movie but I chose to watch it as it has some great actors. James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Hadler. All of which were in another good movie together, The Disappearance of Eleanore Rigby. Sequel movie of Stephen King’s book It. This takes place 27 years later as […]

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So you’re perfect?

Oh to be as perfect as you think you are I am not perfect and will never be I try to be the best I can be There are days I fail but I recognize that and keep trying Remember to find out what the other person is going through. You usually have no clue […]

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Watching Birds

It snowed last night. Not a lot, maybe four inches. The birds know the snow is coming long before it arrives. It seems to throw them into a small tizzy not unlike us humans running to the grocery store for supplies. I mostly feed the birds during the winter months. I was out of birdseed […]

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French Toast

I think most people know how to make French toast, so I’ll just share how I made mine. 3 slices of thin-sliced, 24-seed bread 1 large egg Half & half Heat frying pan to medium high heat. Small amount of butter to coat pan. Beat egg in shallow bowl. Add some half & half and […]

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I love grapefruit, have since I was a kid. This is a great time of year in North America to find all sorts of citrus fruits. A couple of years ago my doctor put me on cholesterol medication. When I went to the pharmacy she asked, do you eat grapefruit? Odd question, I thought. Yes, […]

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